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Edifuny Little Library

€ 34.90

Young Learners’ Starter: Animals

€ 10.90

Young Learners’ Starter: Alphabet

€ 10.90

Young Learners’ Starter: Occupation

€ 10.90

Young Learners’ Starter: Numbers

€ 10.90

My boys have liked the soft-touch cards with cute pastel images, and I’ve appreciated the packaging in the form of a pouch with an interesting printing instead of a standard cardboard box, which takes up too much space.


I was immediately captivated by the fact that they are expressive, colourful, but not dappled, and as you know, I always pay attention to such things. Apparently, children liked them as well, because during this week there was probably not one day when they would not reach for them.


They support the development of children from the first months of life.


Choosing the right educational toys has an impact on the development of our little ones and probably all of us wish them to have the best start into life


The cards are a perfect big size, the quality is fantastic... and I love the bag they come in as well!! Very happy with the product!!!


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